Wednesday, 11 March 2009


Feed-back for final cut

Good logo + music
Good freeze frames
Unsteady camera shooting
Didn't understand what was happening always
Good soundtrack
Use of low shots works well
Nice titles introducing characters
Like the bag idea. Park bench bit
Two women seem to be the main characters
A lot of questions have arisen from the opening which is great as it makes you want to watch on- eg what's in the bag, who's that? ect.
Simple and eerie to follow linking well to what the film would include.
Titles are clear, stills add variety
Not enough close ups.
Music mysterious
Cou;d understand the story line
Quite simple yet effective title font
Music very effective for building tension
Good acting and editing
Slightly brief
Does NOT milk it
Could have used a filter or two
Good setting
Quite easy to identify the protagonists
It shows micro elements of clothing, the women high authority yet the others looked suspicious
You want to know whats in the case and who the characters are.
Good use and variety of shots
Audience addressed well. Sense of mystery + intrigue in your sequence


Monday, 9 March 2009

Wednesday, 4 March 2009

Teacher Comments

Further to our conversation in class, action points to take forward from the rough cut to final cut include:

- More footage for a longer sequence. You should be shooting for a total running time of approximately two minutes.
- Add your production company logo to the start of your sequence.
- Add titles (credits etc.). Remember, your final cut needs to look like an opening sequence
- Take care with continuity editing (try to achieve matches on action, avoid jump cuts, use shot reverse shot during conversations, observe the 180 degree rule etc.)


Friday, 27 February 2009


Thursday, 12 February 2009

Costume Designs

Matt - Black trousers, Black shoes, Shirt, Black jacket, tie
Chris - Black trousers, Black shoes, Shirt, Black jacket, tie
Alan - any
Lou - Black trousers/skirt, Black boots, Shirt, Jacket

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Wednesday, 4 February 2009

Animatic Storyboard

Thursday, 29 January 2009

Credits List

A CALM Production presents
Keith Norton
Lucy Ward
Nigel Lee
Costume design by Jennifer Furlong
Art Direction by Aaron Brooks
Production Design by Stacy Ryan
Casting by William Torry
Film Editing by Bob Murray
Cinematography by Terry Alexander
Original Music by Diane Norton
Produced by Sam Gordon
Directed by Richard Hopkins Jr.
Film Title

Wednesday, 28 January 2009


Feedback from pitch

  • Detailed and clear synopsis
  • Intriguing plot
  • In depth about your plot, know what you need to do and want
  • Good presentation of the shots you'll be doing
  • Very good combination of the logo and music
  • Good use of camera work
  • Like the suitcase idea; gives tension for the rest of the film. Audience will question what is in them.
  • Good idea of locations and props like the jewellry and suitcases.
  • Need to show more of how you came up with the ideas of your camera work and shots
From this feedback it seems that the idea of following the meeting of two groups based around two suitcases was well received so we will continue to base our opening sequence on this idea.


Monday, 26 January 2009

Mood Board

Use of different shots>

What they are exchanging. . . Cash/Jewellery.
Destinations. . . Busy streets/Public places to meet.


Thursday, 22 January 2009


Plot idea 1: The opening shot will show two close-up shots of different suitcases being closed in two contrasting locations. The first location being the preparation of the suitcase with the money being put in, the second location being the second suitcase being filled with the jewelery, the third location consists of the two suitcases being carried by two people through the center of town to the meeting point.

The first shots of the sequence will involve darker and slower transitions and as we work through to the penultimate moment the transitions speed up as the music gets louder and the atmosphere becomes more tense.

Two groups of criminals meet up and switch suitcases in the middle of town, where it’s public so it’s less suspicious. One group get home to find that what was supposed to be £500,000 of jewelery was actually pieces of newspaper. In the other suitcase that contained £500, 000 worth of jewelery.

Plot idea 2: Live action shots followed by freeze-frame shots in the style of a camera photography focusing on key action points from the sequence. The live action shot will be filmed from a point of view from a camera man hiding in bushes with long shots looking at the action, then zooming closer to the character with a freeze frame with a camera flash effect then a sepia or black and white still of the character. On the freeze frame the character's name will be displayed next to the image of their face.

The camera man will follow the action to a park at the side of the meeting place, still focusing on the group from the previous scene. Then the group of three characters will cross to the meeting place, looking around for anyone watching, then trading briefcases with the other person.

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Monday, 19 January 2009

Our Logo

This is a copy of the logo, including music, that we, as a group, have created.

We chose the aurora australis and flower image because both pictures are calming to look at as they are both nature, and nature generally represents peace, and so the two images go quite well when mixed together.

The music is also fairly calming and peaceful and goes well with the pictures and is times just right.

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Wednesday, 14 January 2009

Production company logos research

Here we have chosen three logos from various websites. these are logos from successful companies, we like the way they have used simple colors and text, with a black simple background with the logo within the frame, as it gives it a more professional look and shows good quality and simplicity.

The first logo we have chosen shows 'Redlight Productions' the warm red colours with the grey backdrop, looks and gives a sense of power. Red being a very dominant colour.

The second logo shows the flames against a black backdrop, this looks really smart. Anything against a black background always seems to improve the look and I think it would set a good mood for the start of the movie or trailer.

This image looks neutral with the blue colors and black backdrop, the road that is set through the center of the image shows that the company are aiming to move on and up! it looks simple and artistic and i like the soft edges surrounding the blue road.

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Thursday, 8 January 2009

Opening Sequence- The Dark Knight


We chose this sequence because we liked the way it cuts straight into mid action sequence. Also it breaks the common conventions of film opening sequences and it keeps the identity of the main character anonymous to the audience.


In the sequence all of the robbers are wearing clown masks which shows that they are under the instructions of the Joker. However we do not know that the Joker is one of them and is in the scene throughout. When he is revealed at the end of the sequence, it is almost like this is the start of the film. All of the victims in the bank are smartly dressed and this shows that they are wealthy.

The opening sequence starts at the begining of the day and this becomes apparent after a school bus is driven into the wall of the bank. When the school bus leaves all of the other school buses are on the way to school. The scene is mostly set in the bank and on top of buildings so that the robbers are hidden from people on ground level.


Sound effects such as glass shattering, gunshots, bus crashing through wall. These are used throughout the entire sequence. Also the use of dialogue sets up the story and reveals more about the identity of one of the main characters the Joker.

Camera work

Lots of close ups on the clowns faces, zoom in from behind the Joker down to his clown mask however we don't yet know its the Joker. Close-ups of the guns to build tension and to threat.

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Friday, 28 November 2008